Garmin 405 充電100%問題


ランニングの友である Garmin Forerunner 405。

写真のように、Battery Lifeが100%になったままで、使っても表示上は減りません(実際は減っていて、突然バッテリーが0になる)。





2.50→2.70→2.80という2段階アップデートなのか?それとも、1回目で準備して、2回目で実質のファームウェアアップデートなのか?→ 処理時間を見るかぎり、後者が正しそう。

2回目のアップデートが完了してから、Battery Lifeを見ると86%の表示!やったとりあえず治ったか!!

Release Noteも貼っておきます。一番上の・部分が、今回の問題に該当する部分です。


Release Notes:

Changes made from version 2.70 to 2.80:

Fixed issue with some units getting stuck at 100% charged or 0% charged.

Changed to record heart rate data even more frequently when GPS is off.

Changed to stop auto scrolling when timer is paused.

Fixed a few translation issues.

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.70:

Added power save countdown to warn user before watch goes to power save mode.

Added a reminder to reset the current activity if it has been more than four hours since the timer was stopped.

Updated start and end dates of daylight saving time in Australia.

Added time zone for Santiago, Chile.

Fixed issue with workouts where heart rate was always displayed as BPM even during a step based on heart rate as %Max or %HRR.

Fixed issue where three-digit laps would cause the watch to crash if language was set to Danish.